50 ways to feel happy

50 ways to feel happy

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What can you do to help yourself (and others) feel happier? This colorfully illustrated book is packed full of science-backed activities and ideas for kids to try with family, friends, and on their own—whether they feel happy right now and want to stay that way or they need some ideas to help them feel happier. 
50 Ways to Feel Happy is a cheerful, fun, inspiring, and varied collection of projects for creative and thinking individuals. The book includes a mixture of step-by-step projects and shorter activity ideas that encompass happiness-inspiring craftsmindfulnessrelaxation, and positivity techniques, and fun ways to get active and boost happiness outdoors.
Children can either 
read through the book from start to finish or dip in and out as the mood takes them. What's more, these activities are great to repeat time and again as a child builds their happiness skills and incorporates techniques into their daily life. For younger children, parents and caregivers may wish to work through the book with them, offering guidance and support, whereas more confident readers, tweens, and young teens will be able to enjoy engaging with the book independently. 

Each of the 50 activities relates to one of Action for Happiness’s 10 key evidence-based ways to increase happiness and well-being:
  1. Giving – doing things for others (create and give out compliment cards and more)
  2. Relating – connecting with people (interview a friend and more)
  3. Exercising – taking care of your body (complete a circuit of 100 movements and more)
  4. Awareness – living life mindfully (take a mindful walk and more)
  5. Trying out – keep learning new things (create a curiosity collage and more)
  6. Direction – have goals to look forward to (write a recipe for one of your dreams and more)
  7. Resilience – find ways to bounce back (draw a comic strip about a resilient person and more)
  8. Emotions – look for what’s good (make a positivity pack of things that give you a boost and more)
  9. Acceptance – be comfortable with who you are (make a super-self portrait and more)
  10. Meaning – be part of something bigger (make a paper chain that connects things that mean a lot to you and more)

Put on your explorer’s hat and discover the many different ways to lead a happier life!


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